• More database optimization by eliminating duplicated entry's, There was no need to keep storing ones avatar key and display name per time they entered a region
  • This has now been split from main table to side table and called upon when needed (cuts down main table by 80+MB by just removing 2 rows, Just because of duplication)


  • Fixed sl region servers, database was getting to big with all the servers colecting, i had to split the database and compress, hopefully this will allow for better performance
  • As of this database was reset 5/28/20
  • Fixed timezones


  • Moved the database to a cloudbased database to stop stressing my server with allot of requests
    Will run this solution for about month see how it goes as it costs me monthly
    This should also improve requesting stats even when using 1month request, and i might even allow longer data
  • Landrelay is now free, decided to no longer sell it, to get one got to LandRelay and press the button at bottom 'click here to get a new relay server'


  • Change default of advanced region stats showing to 6h, due fact some have region with crazy amount of traffic, and there page loads really slow, and if they do other things page will crash, it will load up if you just wait on it.
    Will look in speeding that up
  • Fixed an issue where 'Sim Performance Tracker for region' wasent working anymore, thanks for the report dannywizbang resident


  • Rewrote the design of the site again! \o/
  • Any bugs be sure to let me know
  • Optimized site wherever posible to have a faster loading time, (example Avatar tracker loads up 8x faster now) (my database is getting big)
  • Little things may change still
  • Merry Christmas and may you have a wonderful 2020


  • Fixed Issue in advanced region stats when someone group tag had \ in it and would fail to parse the list
  • Some performance fixes

Avatar Tracker Version 2.22 - WEBSITE VERSION 3.3.2

  • Fixed the invalid url passed error that once a while get (was noting major tho) and removed the old updater script from the /1337reset reset script since thats gone
  • you can now ban a person on all regions at once (only in advanced region tab and only for ban/unban)

Merry Christmas

  • Secondlife decided to turn all servers offline for about hour or 2 due to this, all servers became offline this is now resolved but it means you would need to reset your server in world by ether picking it up, and placing it again, or going near server and type /1337reset, or it wil fix itself witing a day when it resets itself, you wont need a new server unless you still have an older versions
  • Fixed when adding a " in a server name your menu on site would disappear
  • on the other news Merry Christmas and may you have a wonderful 2019

Land Relay Version 1.04

  • Fixed issue where tracker no longer works after region restart
  • Fixed issue where you could not deed tracker to land due to not removing anti copy script

Region Tracker Version 2.22 - WEBSITE VERSION 3.3.1

  • Region Tracker now tracks avatars group title and Complexity (advanced stats)
  • Region Tracker now shows the parcel visibility
    checked = Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel
  • (needs version 2.22 else stats shows 0 also for stats prior of < 2.22
    ALso press RESET CACHE to update the parcel's after updating to 2.22)
  • Speed up the advanced region stats page loading by 80% ("Day / Hour Heatmap" data is is no longer cached for hour, as it is now equal from when it was cached)

Land Relay Version 1.03

  • Fixed bugs

Land Relay Version 1.01 - WEBSITE VERSION 3.3.0

  • A new "addon" for region trackers has been released, this is a separate addon to buy for your region trackers which will be copy (trans in some degree) tho protection has been added so you cant just give it out to other people.
    This is an addon for sale and is not required for region tracker to function as it always has been.
    But you would need to get it if you want to kick/ban/send home/unsit(/unban) on parcels (or on a region estate level if you happen to be an estate owner/manager)
    Some previews

    This object can check if you actually have those permissions (however it cannot if you select type to be estate)
    This object don't check if you actually have those permissions inside the advanced region stats as you can ban/unban online or offline players
    If land is owned under your name, you don't have to do anything.
    If land is group owned, you will need to deed it to the group of the land (you also need deed permissions).
    If you have multiple parcels on same group you only need it once (within the region)
    If you are a Estate Owner/Manager, do not deed but click the server and select Region.
    You can rez as many servers as you would like and you can switch between Parcel or Region option using menu on server,
    for example rezzing multiple servers and linking them to region server would be good if you have different owned group lands.
    Servers with red outline are ether not in world or script has failed or sl has messed up, in that case you can re rez the server (same one!) or click the server if possible and press relink
    if you wish to remove that said server you can do so on the website

    Get it at Marketplace

  • if you have any other ideas Contact Me

Region Tracker Version 2.21 - WEBSITE VERSION 3.2.1

  • Region Tracker now tracks a person's script count/memomy/cpu usuage (in advanced region stats) (tracker updates it per 1min they are on the sim) but keeps track of previous stats from when they left and rejoined
    (needs version 2.21 else stats shows 0 also for stats prior of < 2.21)

Region Tracker Version 2.20 - Avatar Tracker Version 2.20 - WEBSITE VERSION 3.2.0

  • Due to hippovend being offline,the update servers are longer working,
    i had to make my own update server this "should" work for existing servers (you should get the update to 2.20 if you have an older server (not mandatory unless you are on version older then 2.01)),
    however if you do not get an update please send a new server using the website,
    if you are unable to get a server Contact Me
    By default update check for Avatar is 1min, and 60min for Region
    Affects Avatar and Region Servers
  • Region Tracker has a new feature under the Parcel's on sim ,
    clicking a parcel name wil show you more details including objects for sale, how big parcel is, Parcel image, Who owns the parcel and description
    Needs Region Tracker Version 2.20 to work
    ALso press RESET CACHE to update the parcel's after updating to 2.20


  • Automatic deleting stats older then 2 months to speed up the website (region tracker)
  • Changed the output from Avatar Tracker Log to 2 months as well but you can still export it from longer dates


  • earlier today i updated php to 7.2, however that caused one small piece of code to fail, causing the update server (and both avatar/region) server to fail.
    I have since then fixed the issue and you can once more get a new server, if your server went offline, you can restart it by picking it up and placing it or type "/1337reset" in local chat


  • Moved Site over to cloudflare to have a better protection and tools


  • Greatly improved site/database performance by merging all update query's into 1 final query instead for example 50 users on a sim, before it would be 50 update query's (each minute) and i was getting a backlog and now its only 'one' and no more backlog, let me know if you see any issues with people position
  • Also Fixed when changing scan type it now resets "Day / Hour Heatmap" data - Thanks limboxxthefox for the point out

Region Tracker Version 2.11 - Avatar Tracker Version 2.11

  • Fixed issue where hiding server it would be visible after region restart, it now remembers its visible state forever , even after you update or get a new server (v2.11 and up)

Region Tracker Version 2.1 - Avatar Tracker Version 2.1

  • This is a update on the object inworld having it a nice model thanks to Sadistic Gant my sl dad for this awesome design <3.
    There is also now an option to hide/show your server.
    This is not a required update both previous version will work just fine.

Region Tracker Version 2.04 - Avatar Tracker Version 2.03

  • The server will no longer spam anything in chat about our webserver being temp offline for some reason, instead it will show a title above it when that happen, and title will be gone wen all is back to normal
    This is not a required update both previous version will work just fine.


  • 99% of problems can be resolved by re-rezing your server, Or by requesting a new server, Sometimes SL is a pain in the butt.

Region Tracker Version 2.03

  • Added the ability to count restarts and when a region is restarted

Website Version 3.1.5

  • Due to belgium hour change,i reset all online users to offline, deleted those result, fixed time to be correct with SLT, so people come online now on the correct time, past time when you check add 1 hour to it, i ether have to not fix or change it all limited of scripting

Website Version 3.1.4

  • Fixed issue where timeline had wrong date if you live somewhere else then my home country Belgium (timezones :p) all times should now be SLT
  • Fixed Log where time was wrong and was using server time is now changed to SLT thanks DarkCandy (candycain1128) for both reports

Website Version 3.1.3

  • Fixed issue where menu was not showing due to newline character in server names

Website Version 3.1.2

  • Redesigned whole site again, I strive perfection if don't like it after couple days it gets changed :p
  • Clicking on the main section icon will collapse that view (it still remembers)
  • Due to font change and styling change iframe code needs to be bigger now by like 10px

Website Version 3.1.1

  • Clicking on and will now store that state (for your current browser) on all pages
  • moved avatar timelines into there own section
  • Changed graph for avatar count in advanced stats into a juicy pie
  • fixed some more styling issues i could find now (if you find some pls let me know 1px of is 1px off and needs fixing :p)

Website Version 3.1.0

  • Redesigned Menu did not liked the top one
  • All pages now load inside the page for "faster non intrusive page loading" (happy with that one) (you can still refresh page with f5 or any other way and still end up on page you where)
  • All charts now use one chart api inc the heatmap
  • Fixed "most" of styling errors on screens <= 1024px width (not yet perfect feel free to point stuff out if you see it)
  • Todo fix this log page its getting big!
  • if you don't see your profile image on left and your displayname/avatar name, log out and log back in, should fix it
  • Fixed the data stats now correctly takes hour of SLT and not my server time NOW() standard != SLT who knew :p, this was mostly visible on 1 hour, 6 hours stats

Website Version 3.08

  • Added Advanced Custom List Search
  • Meaning you can add names like 'Alexandrea Fride' (searches for 'Alexandrea Fride') or 'Alex*' (searches for 'Alex[....]') or 'A*ex*' (searches for 'A[....]ex[....]') or '[....]lex[...]' < will match 'Alexandrea Fride'
  • Adding example '*resident' < matches all avatars with lastname resident
  • make sure you add a end * or a lastname if you start with * as we dont add lastname check when you provide a *!
  • Possibility are endless: You can for example make a staff tracker out of your region tracker or other stuff
  • there is now a icon show next to names on main list (and next to location on popup list) clicking it will show marker on map where they are or where
  • Some optimization on big data lists lets say 6000+ in one request

Website Version 3.07

  • Site improvements and bug fixes
  • Added more graphs and timeline per user
  • You can now click on names at bottom list to show more stats about that user itself
  • Completed

Website Version 3.06

  • Fixed conversion from my server time into SL time data after 11/2/2017 18:44 may or may not have wrong time data after that is ok
  • On second thought i purged ALL data prior to 11/2/2017 18:44 since its official release yesterday not that much data is gone for you except my test server from 6 days but who cares lol
  • It allows me to work with clean data and not old 2000+ rows of wrong data
  • Deleted buttons for 3months,6months use custom range option for that data, on that note you can watch data past 6months now to

Region Tracker Version 2.02

  • Fixed issue where a new server would not initialize after rezing for the first time
  • Adding an advanced join/leave tracking
  • Price bumped up to 499l$ for region tracker, existing region servers will have our new advanced tracking free
  • Able to see the heatmap(busiest spots) on sim where people first teleport in/login/first seen, and where they left the sim (last seen) this can be delayed up to 1min
  • Same as heatmap but then with dots
  • The delay is due to script only checking every 1min for avatar data and relay's it to our server
  • Clickin on username below in table will show on dots page user profile and where they joined on first seen map and where they where last seen or are there now on the last seen map
  • Parcel data is cached for one day to improve(speed up) region page (speedup by 80% after a second time opening per day), option to delete/refresh cache will be added soon
  • Disabled panning of map, we are not interested in other region we possible have no data of
  • Closing popup or clicking next to popup to close will autopan map back to starting pos if popup moved the map a bit
  • Added New/Returning avatar graphics
  • Stuff added and fine tuning atm
  • Data is probably stored forever, but you will only see it for past 6months
  • Able to set scan type (region,all parcels owned by owner/group,or only parcel where object is on) WARNING changing this setting will CLEAR ALL DATA
    If you wish to change this setting WITHOUT deleting data you need to Contact Me and do not change it on your sever once data is gone its gone forever
  • to change the scan type click your region server -> Scan type -> 1 (region default) or 2 (All Parcels owned by owner/group) or 3 (Parcel object is on)
  • The above way is also perfect to reset your data if you wish to do so
  • If you move your server to new region it will start fresh on that region, however if you move it back to old you will still have your data from old region
    however if you reset your data your data is gone from new region and old region (help me out and clear data you no longer wish if you move region pls :-)

Avatar Tracker Version 2.02

  • Fixed the issue of 'Service Temporarily Unavailable' after a region restart
  • Fixed the issue of not showing online after adding a avatar while that avatar is online (time to show is calculated with timer below)
  • Changed the timer to 60seconds to refresh online time up from 30seconds
  • When our webserver is offline, it now only gives you a error ONCE, once webserver is online that counter wil be reset to 0 untill the next error comes up (before it would spam you ALLOT)

Website Version 3.05

  • Added the option to include a timeline into your website, just add your own name to the tracker and hit the button for the iframe code example:
  • Do this only for names you wish to show and have permission for it (if its an other user then yourself), on complains and its not your name that name will be deleted from your tracker or iframe code invalid depending
  • This is just for your pleasure of showing your online time to an other site you may own
  • fixed issue with timeline if we are day 1 of new month

Avatar Tracker Version 2.01

  • Another crack at "Service Unavailable" error, script no longer resets on region restart but just requests a new 'llRequestSecureURL()'
    I have reported this on SL jira, other then trying to fix it i have no clue why its failing ever since 'Second Life Server', that exact code was working for 4years...
  • No updated forced as of yet as i don't know if this version fixes it
  • This version includes fixes of Avatar Tracker Version 2.00(1)

Avatar Tracker Version 2.00(1)

  • Fixed the issue of 'Service Unavailable' after a region restart (i hope... sl is breaking stuff... lol)
  • Fixed the issue of not showing online after adding a avatar while that avatar is online (time to show is calculated with timer below)
  • Changed the timer to 60seconds to refresh online time up from 30seconds
  • When our webserver is offline, it now only gives you a error ONCE, once webserver is online that counter wil be reset to 0 untill the next error comes up (before it would spam you ALLOT)
  • These are minor fixes witch are important however i'm not forcing you to update, if you wish to update request a new server found at bottom of the page

Website Version 3.04

  • Fixed adding name by UUID if they're where not showing in SL search, it now, as a last backup. query our keyserver for a uuid or a avatar name - thanks AngelicBoss for the report
  • Fixed the online status for adding a new name it was accidental set to 15min instead of 5min (pickup your server and rerez to update that timer) - thanks AngelicBoss for the report

Region Tracker Version 2.01

  • NEW: Shows the location of users on a map plus direct url links in user list
  • Fixed the updater version was still set to 1.00

Website Version 3.03

  • Added avatar tracking log on website (same info as you would get inworld)
  • Some other small changes and fixes

Avatar Tracker Version 2.00

  • Server API using the new Site IMPORTANT
  • Clearing some update function into new script to allow for 20 avatars to be tracked into ONE server! :-)
  • Cause of allowing up to 20 avatars price whent up on marketplace by 200 to total of 999l$ per server (pretty good deal don't ya think since thats a one time cost no fees EVER :-)

Website Version 3.02

  • Fixed Region type in Region Tracker to show correct one
  • Fixed adding names that where not showing in Second Life search , if they where hiding from search of where not online for long time
  • In the progress of allowing up to 20 (TWENTY!) names your able to track increase by x2 ! :-) Will come in the next Avatar Tracker update soon.
  • Able to do this by moving some other script functions into other scripts to clear memory in the main one
  • Re created Avatar View and time lines in order to account for 20 avatars so its better organized

Region Tracker Version 2.00

  • Server API using the new Site IMPORTANT
  • Fixed region scanning of parcels now show ALL parcels
    (sorry sometimes you could have missed like 50 parcels if they where small had a bug that i found out thats been in the servers since beginning ¯\_(?)_/¯)
    and no longer crashes on 40+ parcels (tested this on a sim with with 109! parcels)
  • Added a self updater check that checks givin set time so i can more easily give you guys updates

Website Version 3.01

  • Recreated the timeline now in line with style of the site and much faster (also in one page no more tabs \( ???)/), because of this i allowed the time line to show ALL data (since the server started recording) check demo:demo to see it from since 2013!

Website Version 3.00

  • Complete Rewrite of website now powerd by PHP Framework
  • This means whole rewrite of all functions but also means a 100% increase in security then my old framework that i wrote 10years ago time to update standards :)
  • Work in progress

Website Version 2.03

  • Fixed issue with script craching after sending private message to person , Please request a new server from the page and rez that one, (not doing force update for it)

Website Version 2.01

  • To Adress slow loading of page (this is caused of getting new display names),
    updating display names is now set manually look for the button

Website Version 2.00

  • Complete rewrite of site to fit with normal browsers and mobile plus nicer look (expect small bugs)
  • Limit TimeGlider to show only for current year (i doubt you will check info past that lol however all data is still stored and able to view in table below)

Avatar Tracker Version 1.12

  • Updated online tracking and refresh it after 30min incase server whent offline or sim and user logged off or server was rezed when user was on
  • Update times on site to SLT back
  • added check to refresh our secret url eatch day SL has some issues keeping urls valid for longer timers

Avatar Tracker Version 1.11.3

  • No update needed for in world, site changes only
  • New Website Template
  • Fixed Issue with slow loading page (when it is slow its updating Display names it updates that every 2days)
  • Added CSV Export function
  • By clicking the tab 1-5 or 5-10 will refresh the current timeview instead of doing full page load

Avatar Tracker Version 1.11.2

  • No update needed for in world, site changes only
  • Fixed the expand table into SL TIME rather then in GMT time or whatever time it did use it should all be in SLTIME
  • Using second life original search engine to lookup keys rather then to rely sole on,
    however if SL search has no key fall back on to check or when using UUID as name fallback to aswel
  • No longer query to update display names (we had the key already this was pointless)

Avatar Tracker Version 1.11

  • Internal check to see if our prim url is still valid

v1.09 - v1.10

  • Added option to only notify when owner is online (to reduce message capped)

Avatar Tracker Version 1.8

  • allowing 10users to track at once

Avatar Tracker Version 1.7

  • Changed the notification option to allow notify when logged on OR logged off OR both
  • added option to have details information about avatar login on/off
  • GREATLY improve and Optimize server requests to allow check for online status evry 1min without flooding the server

Avatar Tracker Version 1.6

  • Fixed the need to have min of 2avatars tracking for list to render proper
  • Get notification in world when person logs on or off (you can turn it on or off per user your tracking)
  • renaming server name

Avatar Tracker Version 1.5

  • Added demo account
  • Added display names update once a day (only gets updated if you login on website)
  • Added automatic page refresh each minute
  • Added server recovery function (resend)

Avatar Tracker Version 0.1-1.4

  • Initial code